Technology Installation

Looking to make your house easier to use? With modern smart home technology, you can control all kinds of features from your phone or mobile device. Your house will be more convenient, making your day-to-day life easier.  Upgrade your house to a smart home by contacting us today

Video doorbells are doorbells that have a built-in camera to help protect your home from package theft and burglary. They are either battery-powered (wireless) or hardwired into an existing doorbell. You can receive activity alerts, talk with visitors using two-way talk, and live stream video from your smartphone.

Instant Real-Time Access to Footage

The latest security cameras give you a clear view of events within the home. This is critical, for example, when you want to keep an eye on children within the property. If your teenage children are home alone, you can help ensure their safety by utilizing a security camera and checking the footage from your mobile device.

Evidence for Insurance

Many insurance companies now recommend homeowners utilize the latest home security systems to ensure there’s clear evidence for any future claims. For example, when fire damage occurs within the home, insurance companies may ask for video footage to prove how the fire began. Not only will this help to support your future insurance claims, but using security cameras can also help you reduce your insurance costs in some cases. ​

Supervise Pets

You likely leave your pets at home during the day when you go to work. If you’re worried about damage to your furniture or potential pet health issues, security cameras can give you full supervision of the animals in your home. If you notice via your camera your pet scratches at a favourite couch or carpet, you can analyze the behaviour and then work to prevent it in the future.

You don’t have to be a technology whiz to turn your house into a smart home. Castle Home Maintenance can complete the installation and setup for you. From Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa, we can explain your options, help you choose a system that works for your needs and connect the devices you want.

Your thermostat can also be programmed to match your daily routine, helping you waste less energy when you’re out and about. A smart thermostat gives you the ability to control the temperature at home using your smartphone. Start taking advantage of smart home technology by calling 705-410-6124 to schedule an appointment or free estimate.

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