Hang Picture, Racks and Shelving

Hang Pictures or Shelves

Do you have some pictures that you need help hanging?  We can help you hang them correctly, so they won’t fall off the wall.   We can all use more storage, but we don’t have unlimited storage areas.  At Castle Home Maintenance we can install shelving, racks, and other storage solutions wherever you need them the most

Professional picture hangers can ensure your art is tightly secured on your home’s walls. Not only can valuable pieces of work get damaged from a fall, but art can inflict severe injuries to bystanders. Families with small children or pets will especially want to invest in professionals to hang the artwork in their homes.

Should I hire a pro to hang my shelves? Shelves must be properly leveled and anchored to prevent damage or collapse. Additionally, a pro can locate studs and install appropriate anchors and hardware to support your shelves, ensuring their stability.

Floor bike racks are commonly used for the bikes that get the most use and need the easiest access. They’re often part of a larger system of garage bike storage where some bikes are stored up and away to save space, leaving just enough room for a few bikes on the ground.

Need a Handyman?

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