Replace Existing Lighting Fixture

Do you have a light at home that needs to be replaced? Did your ceiling fan stop working?

Ceiling fans help to distribute the warm or cool air evenly. Air conditioners do not always circulate air in the most optimal way. Fans help distribute air more evenly, whether the air naturally occurring in your space, or that produced by your air conditioner.

Reduce Safety Risks. Old fixtures pose a danger to homes. Dated fixtures can easily short out or stop working completely, highlighting the need to update components of the lighting system. You get this and more when you have a professional install new light fixtures in your home.

Dimmer switches are an affordable, easy way to make a big difference in your home’s lighting appeal as well as in your energy use.  An often-overlooked decorating secret, a dimmer switch can change the mood of a room with just a touch.  Over time switches may stop working because they do wear out, we can help you pick new switches and have them installed for you

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