What Is Caulk?

Caulk is a thick, sticky material that dries into a solid mass. It adheres to the surface where it has been applied and creates a waterproof barrier. It has many applications in building and construction, most involving sealing and finishing surfaces, joints and small separations. Caulk is available in silicone, rubber, latex and oil or resin base. The most common caulk used in bathrooms is silicone.

Why do we caulk tubs and showers? Caulking around bathtubs keeps moisture out of walls and floors. The bathroom is an integral part of your home that can be a source of unhealthy germs, mold and mildew if not cleaned and maintained regularly and properly. Although housecleaning is not a fun or glamorous task, it is especially important in the bathroom.

Countertop caulk is an important part of protecting the health of your kitchen. Without a tight seal, water can seep beneath the rim of your sink causing damage. It’s important to check the seal regularly for cracks and mold, and replace immediately if you notice compromises.

While it may seem like an extra step in the process, caulking around your windows is absolutely necessary. The purpose of the caulking is to prevent any water, moisture, insects, or air from penetrating between the windows and the insulation.

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