General Carpentry


We provide all types of carpentry and woodworking services. Whether you have some rotted wood or siding that needs to be replaced, or a deck or fence that needs to be built, we can solve the problem for you. Furthermore, we can replace a few boards, level your deck, or replace those worn areas. We want to be your Carpenter and to be your one stop Handyman for all your home repair and maintenance needs. Let us do the work, so you can enjoy time with family and friends.

“Touch up” is the term most commonly used to describe the re-coating of very small localised areas of a newly painted surface, in order to conceal repairs to minor damage or to cover up small surface defects, such as scuff marks, that have occurred shortly after the painting process was completed.

Sealing drywall cracks also helps to strengthen drywall to prevent cracks from developing in the future. These small cracks and holes are less likely to develop into more serious problems the sooner you have any drywall damage repaired. Damaged drywall is not only dangerous for the structural integrity of your home.

We offer a variety of carpentry services to meet your needs.  Whether you need a new set of stairs for your garage, Custom woodworking piece for your living room, or need some custom storage solutions in your basement, Castle Home maintenance can help you every step of the way.  If your project is out of our scope of work, we will recommend one of our preferred vendors.

Every year many people enjoy the summertime on their deck. Is your deck up to the task? Castle Home Maintenance can repair, replace, pressure wash, stain or paint your deck to give your sanctuary a new look. From loose or rotten boards to railings and stairs, Castle Home Maintenance has you covered

Flooring can wear out over time, especially in high traffic areas or if you have pets. This can lead to a safety hazard. Castle Home maintenance can help you repair a single plank or a section that may be worn out

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